Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finally smocking something

I helped a friend pleat up some white batiste for an anticipated baby’s blessing gown. While I had Amanda Jane out I finally pleated up a dress panel I’ve been meaning to make for Bird for at least 9 months.  IMG_7843

It was supposed to be her happy birthday dress in September and then a Christmas dress in December.  (I didn’t even make Christmas dresses this year, unless you count the angel/shepherd costume, but I don’t.)  Now it is a just because dress.  Just because the dress that it will coordinate with fits Lu right now.  I made this little dress for Bird’s second Easter (age 18 m).  It was the first dress I smocked. I pleated it by transferring dots and handpicking them up with a needle and thread (terrible process).  This project inspired me to buy my Amanda Jane pleater.  Lu needs to wear this dress.  I may make her baby cousin wear the red rompers.  100_4525 100_4500 100_4501 100_4503 

Check out my sewing shelves!  It may not look especially tidy and empty to you but trust me, it is.  It is delightfully empty and organized.  IMG_7845

And.  My sweet friend Lindsay gave me a blog award.  I’ll get to the details of that at some point but meanwhile you should check out her sewing blog because she is prolific and talented.  Plus you should read the really nice things she said about me. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Retro Flowers

I’m making this quilt for a new nephew.  I know the design would be a little feminine for the tastes of some mothers of little boys but my sister isn’t like most people.  She is cool (ahem, like me) and I think she will enjoy it’s beauty for her tiniest son.  It has been a delight to piece, interesting and satisfying.  I bought the acrylic template from Tabslot on Etsy.  The template set is lovely and made cutting out a dream.  I can’t wait to order some more templates from her.  Anyhow, here are some of the blocks finished.    IMG_7832