Sunday, May 5, 2013

Simplicity 1697

IMG_1123 (853x1280)

Another peplum.  Ryan asked me what those things were on the sides of my skirt when I put it on for today.  I told him they were called peplums.  He said they looked like I installed the pockets upside down.  Despite the initial review from my darling, I like my skirt.  The pattern is Simplicity 1697.  The fabric is a cotton in loose (lot of bias shift) basket weave.  I purchased it at Yellow Bird Fabric.  It takes 1 1/8 yard (though I could have squeaked by with 1 yard I think) of 60” wide.  I serged each piece to sparkly poly satin left over from a Halloween costume because they weave left holes big enough to need a lining and I wanted to stabilize the pieces some.  I made a size 12 due to my measurements.  It couldn’t be any smaller.  I think it is a little under a true 12 because of serging the pieces before construction and also the bulk of the fabric.  The pattern is easy to follow and cut well for me.  The only change I made was to add a small kick pleat in the back because I don’t like slits.  Excuse the wrinkled pictures—two hours of sitting through church did nothing for the skirt. 

IMG_1124 (2) (852x1280) IMG_1125 (854x1280) IMG_1127 (854x1280)   IMG_1134 (851x1280)