Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I know I know.

Too many posts about ornaments.  Don’t worry, this won’t be the last but I will stop after the new year.  These went to new homes today with Bird and Gu’s teacher and full time aide at school.  Each one is so unique.  They have cost me exactly $0 recent dollars (all stash/scrap materials).  I can’t stop making them but eventually, I will.

IMG_7516 IMG_7517 IMG_7518

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Just Can’t Stop

Roundness improved with more careful placement of tacks.  Also added two additional rows.

IMG_7508 IMG_7511

Cloth Ornament

I saw this ornament on my dear friend Lindsay’s blog this morning and had an immediate need to try one for myself.  On her review she mentioned that she hates hot glue and in my mind I heard, “Hear ya sister, I hate hot glue too.”  Feeling validated, I made mine by sewing the folded halfs together with a zigzag stitch (similar to how you would attach two lace panels, just butted up to each other).  Then I sewed them onto the base circle and created the tucks with a good old fashioned needle and thread.  It took longer for sure but it also allowed me to add all those little beads.  I think another two rows of tucks are in order and I need to be more careful where I tack because this ornament could certainly be more spherical.  All in all, fun project, clever construction with the turned circles, great stash project, and a delightful ornament.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Bird’s Christmas Angel Costume

So Bird really needed an angel costume.  Ahem, okay, people interpret need differently in our house.  The dress was inspired by the book “The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree.”  Have you read that book?  A dear friend gave it to me last Christmas—the first Christmas after we had met.  It is the story of a little girl, Ruthie, and her strong and capable mother who provides a dear Christmas to her daughter despite being alone and just scraping by(1918-her husband has not returned from the war).  Ruthie’s mama makes her a dress during the night from her wedding dress because she has no other gifts to give or money to buy material.  A true night-sew.  The dress in the story is better, of course.  Really this would be lovelier made from silk but there isn’t a wedding dress around this house anymore--it has already been refashioned into tiny little baby clothes—and the machine wash shiny polyester organza has appeal.  Shiny for the Bird; machine washable for the Mama.  If I did it again, I would spend more time and set in the sleeves to a square yoke rather than the raglan and I would make the sleeves fuller.  I thought I had drafted the sleeves big enough but really, I think they needed to be full circles.  I’ll get pictures in the daylight with a little person in it hopefully tomorrow.IMG_7269