Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cloth Ornament

I saw this ornament on my dear friend Lindsay’s blog this morning and had an immediate need to try one for myself.  On her review she mentioned that she hates hot glue and in my mind I heard, “Hear ya sister, I hate hot glue too.”  Feeling validated, I made mine by sewing the folded halfs together with a zigzag stitch (similar to how you would attach two lace panels, just butted up to each other).  Then I sewed them onto the base circle and created the tucks with a good old fashioned needle and thread.  It took longer for sure but it also allowed me to add all those little beads.  I think another two rows of tucks are in order and I need to be more careful where I tack because this ornament could certainly be more spherical.  All in all, fun project, clever construction with the turned circles, great stash project, and a delightful ornament.


1 comment:

  1. Eeeeek!!!!! **heart melts** That looks so perfect!! I am totally going to sew my next one. And pick up some beads. That is darling!!! :)