Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Front Inset

Lu’s inset it smocked, to be blocked and set.  Onto the second.


Friday, February 15, 2013


In the time it takes a person to make a whole dress I was able to accomplish the hem of—wait for it—of an apron.  Good grief these dresses.  There is a serious discrepancy with the amount of time left before Easter and the amount of sewing, smocking, applique, and embroidery I have left. 


Friday, February 8, 2013


I used a traslation from a French pattern that was not very helpful but by miracle the dress turned out.  I made it as a stashbusting play dress but it turned out more sweet than I anticipated.  I’m excited to make some more.  I think I can adapt this one to be a very versatile pattern.  It is sized for Lu.  

IMG_0641 (830x1280)The yarn is Rowan Calmer. It was left over from my Fifi project years ago.  The Fifi shows the color more accurately.  I need to grab a better photo of the dress.  More specifics can be found at my Ravelry page. 100_5625


I enjoyed knitting the infinity scarf for my friend so much I looked through my stash.  In the years I’ve taken off knitting my style has changed some and the stash items don’t make as much sense as they did when I originally bought them.  This is Malabrigo Worsted, Applewood.  I only had one skein, intending at the time of purchase to make a cozy little sweater for my new baby… who turns three soon.  I jumped on Ravelry and paired this pattern with the lonely skein.  Ravelry has grown since I dropped knitting and it is amazing the volumes of information available.  The pattern is A Noble Cowl by Emily Kausalik.  No revisions.  It is perfect for the cold winter we’re having. 

IMAG0861 (2)  IMAG0860 (2)

McCalls 6654

This is a fall back pattern for knit skirts.  I love it because it takes literally 20 minutes to make one of these elastic waisted skirts and they are so comfy.  As I was cutting out this one my daughter came downstairs and said, “Whoa Mom.  That material is making me dizzy!”  In a lot of yardage it was overwhelming and vertigo inducing.  I love it as a pencil skirt though.  I’ll probably wear it more in the spring when it is a little warmer and I can wear it with ballet flats.  

IMG_0594 (853x1280)