Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of First Grade Dress

Did you stay up the night before school started each year like I did?  Too amped and excited/nervous to sleep?  Every single year.  And now, again, again because my teensy twins grew up in a blink and start first grade tomorrow.  They wear uniforms at their school but this summer as I was rereading the uniform policy I noticed that it was really generous in its terms. 

Girls may also wear solid-colored collared dresses in one of the uniform shirt colors.

I missed that phrase last year but today I rectified the situation by making Bird a red dress for the first day of school—tomorrow (in true night-sew fashion, with no time to spare).  Her favorite parts are the square glittery buttons and sneaking polka dot bias tape inside.  I think the dots make her feel rebellious.

The fabric is a stretch poplin from JoAnns.  The pattern is Simplicity 5226 with the only modifications being the tucks added to the front bodice, the back bodice, and the pockets.  I made a size 7 and it is generous on her.  I put a 5 inch hem on the bottom and will be surprised if it doesn’t last two years when I take that out and add a tuck to hide the crease. 

IMG_9153 (683x1024)

IMG_9158 (683x1024) IMG_9172 (683x1024) IMG_9179 (683x1024)


  1. So beautiful!! I love that she feels rebellious in a totally sanctioned dress! :)

  2. Love the dress!!! And red looks good on your daughter!

  3. I've enjoyed reading through your blog posts (I discovered your blog this evening through Pattern Review). I think everything you make is beautiful, though I was a bit sad to look up Yellow Bird Fabrics and find that they don't sell online. I also wanted to comment on this dress as it is especially lovely. I really like the tucks and the collar and the sleeves--you pick patterns with such interesting details!