Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Frilly little lovelies.

IMG_9445 The last two days I’ve only wanted to sew frilly little things.  I think partially to avoid hemming the two dress pants and suit of my husband’s (that have been sitting around my sewing room for almost a year).  Tulip-Lu is home while the big kids go to first grade.  Yesterday she wanted to wear Bird’s Belle dress.  When I told her it was too big for her she responded, “Mama, plweeease make me a tiny Belle dwess.”  I told her I would and she promptly took my hand and escorted me to my sewing room.  “Make it here.”  I told her I could do that except we didn’t have any tiny Belle yellow fabric. “Its okay.  We’s go to da store.” 

So we did.  When we came home she watched a 20 minute show, Kipper, and ran into my sewing room to ask if the tiny Belle dwess was completed.  It was a little tricky getting if finished because each time I put it on her to try on she refused to take it off.  I finished it last night while she slept and already washed it once.  She loves it.  The material is easy polyester from Joanns.  I drafted the pattern because I couldn’t find anything that was on sale and her size.  I didn’t want to pay $8 for a pattern when the dress cost a total of $20 (including the zipper).   It features a full circle skirt with a petticoat which makes for very impressing little girl twirling. 

IMG_9425 IMG_9433

IMG_9456I also bought some glittery material for tutus while I was at JoAnns.  Both my girls love to dance and love to dress up in little dance lovelies.  I made Lu and Bird matching tutus in this silver with white netting underneath.  I’d be tempted to make about 400 of these if I knew where to store them.  Total for two tutus, $9.00.  Like how I only post the totals for some projects.  Let me assure you that sewing is not a cheap hobby.  I don’t save money.  IMG_9459


  1. That is an awesome and amazing Belle dress!! SHe looks so so cute! I can understand why she doesn't want to take it off!! Beautiful tutus!!

  2. You're amazing...but you know that. You have some lucky little girls! Cannot believe how old she looks in these pics!