Friday, May 11, 2012

Baby Allen’s Quilt

My nephew arrived 6 weeks ago; this was to celebrate his birth.  (Not the timeliest gift.)  It’s a pretty big baby quilt, sized down to approximately 48x48 from Christina’s, at, Retro Flower Quilt Pattern.

Not so great: This is the first time I’ve not prewashed the fabrics.  Not loving how it shrunk up.  I really feel like the fabrics shrink at such different rates from different vendors/mills that it makes the quilt quite unpredictable.  I think I’ll take the time to prewash in the future.  Also, some of the prints don’t hide the piecing of the petals as well as others.  I’m not sure this is necessarily a bad thing.  Just an observation for future decisions.  Strong vertical and geometric prints are hard somewhat trickier to keep strait—Like the green square.  One of the petals in that one was my first and completely buggy.

Good:  I love curves and this is a delightful pattern.  I am thinking about maybe making a curvy variation of this for the bottom of my bed, my first quilt to keep for myself.  We’ll see.  Now that this is done and Easter is done I’m off to fun little projects without deadlines.  Lovely.

IMG_8373 (1280x853) IMG_8374 (1280x853) IMG_8381 (1280x853)


  1. I think it is absolutely beautiful!!! Great quilt!!!

  2. This came during the start of a crazy time for us so I've neglected a thank you, but WE LOVE IT! You know that I love vintage looking quilts, love greens and aquas (and starting to really love orange), and love white backgrounds. I love that it is a grown-up looking baby quilt.

    The 48x48 size has been super - I've done a few days out of the house for construction and a trip to Buffalo with it. It is small enough that it can fold into my diaper bag but is big enough to quad fold it and set baby on ground for long naps. It continues to wash/shrink well - the shrinking is looking better as it goes through the wash.

    Baby Allen and I thank you.