Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Dress


IMG_8632 IMG_8639

This is a summer play dress for Bird.  The pattern is in the current issue of Ottobre (3/2012) #27 Edgar Degas Rose Dress.  The material was a lovely cotton lawn I picked up at a local sewing shop.  I made a size 122 and I’m pleased to announce that it fits.  Most things I’ve made from Ottobre without adjustments turn out wide.  I don’t know if their patterns are slimmer in the bigger sizes or if my little Bird is growing out of her birdiness.  The pattern goes together beautifully.  I omitted the interfacings, added binding around the neck and placed my tucks using a double needle instead of the fold and stitch method it tells you to.  I wish I would have marked the bottom of the tucks before I began sewing because I noticed that while it seemed like I was ending at the same place—I clearly didn’t. 

This issue of Ottobre may be my very favorite.  There are several more little dresses I want to make from it.  Next up the Hollywood Cerise Linen dress for either Lu or Bird, or maybe even both.

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  1. Beautiful dress!! And she is just getting way too pretty...