Monday, July 16, 2012

Koleshi Doll

I have been overwhelmed by annoying life-stuff.  Water heater leaking not once but twice in a week, no hot water, insect bites, baby with bacterial pneumonia, dirty laundry, stinky hair, broken internet, broken fan, weeds.  When I think about all the practical stuff I need to accomplish, I panic and all I can think about is what I would like to sew.  It is occasionally how I cope.  My friend Alli said today it is cheaper than shopping and more Mormon than drinking.  I took her comments as encouragement.

After putting the littles to bed tonight, I decided to just cut out this little dress.  I’ve had the fabric stashed for years.  It is the Koleshi Doll Dress from Ottobre 3/2012 (I’m going to say this is my favorite issue!) in size 86cm.  After I cut out I thought I would just place the pleats while my laundry was finishing because you know, pleats can be tedious sometimes and can occasionally delay a project.  Then I thought the same thing about the sleeves, you know all those casings can be tedious too.  Then I read the instructions and realized how clever the construction was and couldn’t stop.  I love a project that is clean and clever.  I originally wasn’t going to make this because it seemed like a lot of work for a raglan dress but the cuteness of the pleats slowly overtook my reasoning.  I’m so glad I did because it was a surprise to sew.  It is one of those projects you can sit at one machine the whole time.  No need for a serger at all.  Pretty interior. 

And that is how it came to be 1:00 am. 


PS I’ll try to get a picture of this on Tulip-Lu and post a few Hollywood Cerise dresses I’ve made in the last week from this same issue.