Sunday, July 29, 2012

Red Knit Dress

My skills working with knits are pathetically underdeveloped.  I basically just try to stay away from everything with some sort of stretch.  Yes, it is very limiting.  Yes, it is a little bit silly.  I bought this pattern, Vogue 1027 a long time ago.  Before I thought about having a Tulip Lu.  Circa, 2008 perhaps.  This weekend I decided enough was enough.  I bought some jersey knit on sale from Joanns ($17.00) and cut this baby out.  While there are a lot of things I think I could do better now, or would do differently—wonky ties.  It is for sure wearable.  I want to make another to refine the process a bit.  Here is the red knit dress before hemming—setting the bias.  I’ll post a picture of it on perhaps one day.



  1. That is darling!!! Finish it and put that baby on!!! :)

    1. Agree. I hope to hem it today to wear out on a date with Ryan for my anniversary. We'll see though. I also plan to clean the carpets and go to the park to play ball and do all my laundry.

  2. WOW. You've been busy on here!!!
    I'm so glad you finally did this pattern :-D
    I think with knits, the stretchier, the better, and I used to try and find ones that were stiffer.
    I've done a few wrap shirts now, and am about to make Emma some knit tunics for school.
    We'll see...

    happy anniversary...