Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas


Here is an update on what I’ve been sewing lately. 

A lot of bird ornaments.  I had plans for a few dozen.  Made a single dozen.  IMG_0542 (1280x853)

Gold dress.  Size one.  My dear friend named her darling baby Goldie.  She must have known a little gold dress was coming at some point.  The goldenrod silk dupioni was stashed from a wedding party I worked on a decade ago.  IMG_0539 (1280x853)

IMG_0532 (852x1280) Snow White.  Lu wears either Belle or Cinderella most days.  I wash Belle at least every other day.  We added Snow White into the rotation.  (Hoping to make a mini Rapunzel during January or February.)  Lu got her for Christmas.  She was thrilled, put it on right away, and didn’t take it off again.  IMG_0529 (853x1280)



Two of these smocked ornaments.  Really, these are so fun and the options are endless.  I love that if you sew contrasting fabrics you get the diamonds alternating.  They are just so much dang work to get the quality I expect and like.  I have three more ready for beading that I’m going to try to do for next winter.  IMAG0791 IMG_0547 (1280x853)

Yes, I’m taking pictures from the dirty laundry.  Here is that velour skirt I mentioned a few posts back.  Bird wears it with cute striped leggings I made to coordinate some t-shirts I bought.IMG_0544 (1280x853)


This is another skirt I made for Bird to go with a RTW t-shirt and leggings or tights. She has worn it once and the ruffles are already snagged in places (center front).  I don’t think it will last long but I got the ruffles on sale for a really good price and they are so easy to sew I don’t mind a short life.IMG_0543 (853x1280)

And last, I made myself a Christmas outfit.  I made the skirt Saturday night before Christmas because I found the ruffles on sale for a good price.  At 10:30 I realized I liked my skirt but didn’t really have a proper shirt to go with it so I make up some stashed fabric in one of the blouse patterns I made recently.  My mom gifted the stashed fabric to me a couple of years ago.  She bought it while she was in Vietnam.  I think it is likely a silk/cotton blend.  The biggest problem was that she bought it from a street vendor and the sun had faded portions of it.  I ended up cutting around a lot of faded parts but made it work.  IMG_0548 (853x1280)


  1. Wonderful creations! I especially like the blouse you created for yourself - the pleats across the yoke are a beautiful touch. That photo with sleeping Santa and Snow White is priceless!

  2. Oh my, you have accomplished a lot! I love the outfit you made yourself, and those smocked ornaments are darling. I think the gold dress is my favorite of the bunch, (I found this post on PR).

  3. LOVE your special outfit and Lu's Snow white dress! Wonderful work all around! :) Merry Christmas!

  4. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award -- it's one of those chain things that helps folks get to know you/each other. No pressure, but if you're interested, here's the link:

  5. You have been extremely busy! All of the outfits you have created are just brilliant - particularly fond of your blouse! Off to have a little peek around your blog...J

  6. All lovely but I'm partial to the gold dress...I am counting the weeks til G can wear it! You are such a productive seamstress!