Friday, January 11, 2013

Simplicity 2181

I’ve been wanting to make this pattern for some time but I’m not great with knits and I had a lot of other holiday sewing so it was easy to put off.  The pattern is Simplicity 2181.
It went together well.  I missed a couple of markings while cutting out (probably because I was trying to cut out in the few minutes before I needed to go get my kids from school).  As it turned out, those markings would have been helpful.  I think the instructions are well written and easy to follow.  I don’t really understand why the v neck is open so low in the center front seam but with all center gathering you don’t notice at all so I’m trying not to think about something that needn’t be pondered about.

It is tricky to get a real sense for the sizing until you slip the band through the front piece at the end.I cut out a size 10—my typical size.  It is a little tight in the bust seam.  I’m not sure design-wise if that seam is hitting my chest in the proper place either but once again, I’m trying not to analyze it further.  Especially since there isn’t an allowance in the pattern for adjusting the length above that seam.  I found the hem line to be wonky.  It had a significant dip in the front which caused it to look more maternity than I would like (aiming for no maternity factor).  You can see it in the first two pictures more because I picked out my hem and brought the hem straighter for the last picture. 

My material is a end of bolt remnant from Yellow Bird Fabrics.  Its a rayon single jersey.  I’m not sure about the color.  I’m pretty sure from a distance I’ll look like I’m naked because it seems awfully close the the same color as me.  It was $7.50 for the 1.5 yards though and because I don’t have confidence in my knit skills yet, I figured I likely wouldn’t be wearing it anyway.  It’s a bonus that I mostly like my shirt.

Overall fun sew.  I’m proud of my recent knit projects.  Even though I feel much more comfortable with knit, I am reminded that I’m quite amateur.  I think this sew could be under a couple hours for a lot of people.  It took me well over double that.  I do love the sleeves and neckband.  I’d like to try this in a print and add a band to the bottom hem to clean it up and add some weight.

IMAG0833 IMAG0832
Now I would like to sew this new McCalls (6703) pattern soon.  Feels similar.


  1. I actually think the color looks good on you. The pattern is certainly very flattering. I think I have it (or it is on my wishlist). The McCalls seems much less fitted with a lower "knot" and the neckline might need work. Anyway, I think this Simplicity is crying out for a repeat, especially if you are unsure of the color.

  2. Very nice top. Like you I have had this in my patterns to sew forever and still have not done so. It fits you well.

  3. Love it!! I think that is one I would like to try!! :)

  4. I think the color and style are stunning on you!