Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Pom-Poms

My little Bird is fanatical about few things, details on costumes and decorating for Holidays.  She was very disappointed this year when the Halloween decorations (which she still doesn’t feel are adequate) came down and we didn’t have anything to put in their place.  She helped me right the wrong by painting that little autumn tree that hangs on my door.  We covered a shoe box lid with fabric and modpodged/hotglued it on for our front door.  Birdy wanted to add a 3 foot turkey, we were somehow going to make together, parked outside our front door.  I was less than enthused about both the turkey and the idea of making it.  When I stumbled across this post, I knew we could strike a compromise. 

The twins helped me make all these little felted balls by fluffing and separating roving wool, a dozen or so at a time over a week.  We would throw them in the wash tucked inside a sock with all our hot/warm laundry and then keep washing the biggish ones until they were a uniform size.  After a few days, they started accumulating even with the Lu throwing them all over the house. Today we strung them on string and put them outside.  Easy as that.  We made more than we realized and had enough to string across the front of the porch as well.  I love the little felt pom-poms and can’t stop thinking of all the pom-pom garlands I need.  Birthday pom-pom garlands, Valentines Day, a Christmas tree garland.  I foresee lots of pom-pom projects in our future.

IMG_7203 IMG_7209


  1. Those are so cute!!! I need some too!

  2. I was worried you'd stopped blogging here!! You're insane Aurelie. I mean that as a total compliment because the pom poms are awesome, the ornaments are beautiful, and the ANGEL COSTUME!! Love.