Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vision of Hot Pink

Pattern: McCalls MP436

Size: 5-6

Fabric: Something machine washable in very pink (per Bird’s Halloween request)  

I thought this dress went together beautifully with less effort than it looks.  I cut out on a Monday afternoon and finished the following Tuesday night with a little parenting and cubscouting in between.  However, it took me weeks to acquire all the fabrics/trims because I refused to pay full price for any of the cuts.  This dress takes a lot of fabric!  The pattern is good once you get past the yardage requirements for all the different views.  Bird loves it—great twirl factor.  The cape is a lovely addition.  I got the clasp at JoAnns.  We lined it in a velour to add a little more weight since it does get real cold here trick-or-treating.  She loves swishing that cape around, (think Mother Gothel from Tangled) and I’ll probably make some more cloak/capes in the future for dressups.  (The effort to product ratio is perfect.)

 IMG_7031IMG_7004 IMG_7007  IMG_7040 IMG_7061 IMG_7063 IMG_7102

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  1. Oh, that is GORGEOUS!!! I love the cape! And the dress. I want one. for me. ;)