Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Purple Skirts

This is a picture of cleaning up my sewing room/den.  The purple fabric has been on the floor for 6 months after I used a bit of it to make a rapunzel costume.  It was easier to make the fabric into purple skirts for my girls than try to find a spot among my stash for it to live.  So I did.  Honestly, this is the last thing I would ever buy probably to make skirts because I have a strong and undying love for natural fabrics which this one is most definitely not.  But they turned out cute, they machine wash/tumble dry and keep their original body, and both girls love them.  So much that Bird couldn’t be bothered for a picture and Lu had to be bribed with a dum-dum for the 10 seconds she stood still before she ran away. 

IMG_7150 IMG_7160

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