Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Dress #1

Halfway done.  Except buttons.  I still have to decide what I’m doing for sure with the buttons. Oh and decide on the length of the bow in back.  

IMG_0011 (853x1280)This has been SO delightful to sew.  I love working with silk dupioni. It may be my favorite fabric except for the crazy fraying.  I love the whistle it makes as it is cut, the rustle as it goes together, how light it feels for how rich it looks, the slubbiness, the oversaturation of color, the light clean pop sound the needle makes as it pierces, the body and sheen.  Love it.  Really, this is why I’m making these.  My satisfaction—because there is nothing practical or necessary about this sew for the girls.  100% frivolous.  I’ve tried to stay with washable and easy wear fabrics so much that I was starting to feel a bit stifled.  

Bird hasn’t tried it on since the pink was added.  Its a little big up top. The hot pink and avocado feels oddly festive, like a natural mutation of Christmas green and red.  When I get it on Bird I’ll try posting more pictures.  

IMG_0009 (805x1280) IMG_0010 (774x1280)


  1. I love dupioni too. SO wonderful!!! That dress is looking beautiful!!I love the colors!!

  2. Gorgous dress. Love that the colors don's scream Christmas -- but really work for the holidays. I'm not as big a fan of dupioni as you are -- it's the fraying that drives me nuts!