Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In the sewing room/closet this week

I’ve been sewing some for myself.  There is some wool/silk I really want badly but is a little spendy from Yellow Bird Fabrics that I was hoping would be on sale for Thanksgiving.  They were closed the weekend of Thanksgiving. 

So I bought this fabric at JoAnns for a really great price and made this instead.  It was on sale, then I bought the last of the bolt so I got 75% more off half of it then I had 25% additional off in coupons.  Fabric ended up costing $5.88, plus a $.99 pattern & a $1.80 invisible zipper.  The lining (which wasn’t called for in the pattern but was added in a late night decision) was a little stiff but it was leftover from a project years ago.  Total $8.67

Occasionally I sew something very affordably to make up for the ridiculous expensive other things (ahem, Christmas gowns) I sew. 

The pattern is Butterick 5640.  I added a full lining and modified the construction to avoid all hand sewing.

IMG_0029 (852x1280)  IMG_0031 (853x1280) This is the lining view. IMG_0033 (790x1280) IMG_0035 (853x1280)

Here are two crappy cell phone self-portraits into an antique discolored mirror.  Quality I give you. 

IMAG0757 IMAG0756

I also made this the other day.  I actually cut it out a few weeks ago but I lost the instructions.  I kept thinking they would show up but they didn’t.  Finally I just got down to business and made it.  Such a cute sew.  The neckline is a really nice shape and depth.  Sleeves have little tucks.  It wears really easy—I took it off my body to take these pictures so it is a bit wrinkled.  The pattern is Simplicity 1915 and I would definitely consider making another view.  I’m annoyed that I didn’t line up the ruffled to center perfectly but the fabric pattern camouflages it fine.  Cotton from Yellow Bird Fabrics.IMG_0036 (853x1280) The hem dips in the back.  IMG_0037 (853x1280)I made this last week. The pattern is Simplicity 2147.  I’d make this again and again too because it takes so little time but is a nice easy wear.  This has been washed and dried and looks lovely.  It is loose in the body but quite fitted in the yoke and under the arm.  Again, the fabric is from Yellow Bird Fabrics.  IMG_0038 (853x1280) IMG_0040 (853x1280) Also looks lovely and more tailored with a belt.  IMG_0041 (853x1280)

I also need to take a picture of an easy knit skirt I made Alison to go with some after Thanksgiving sale tees. 

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  1. Really pretty makes in some of my fav patterns- I love your pattern and fabric combinations- nicely done!