Thursday, November 29, 2012


The Loser this week is this skirt.  I was suspicious that it may turn out feeling matronly and it turned out feeling matronly.  The pattern went together fine.  I lined it and put a grosgrain facing in.

I hate it. I put it in the give-to-charity pile already unless any devoted readers would rather have it.

IMG_0044 (853x1280)

The winner is this lovely top.  The fabric is from Yellow Bird Fabrics.  It is a stretch cotton that I only had a yard of because I bought the end of a bolt.IMG_0042 (853x1280)The pattern is Butterick 5610 (sz 10).  I love this pattern.  I want to make it a few more times.  The next time with a contrast yoke/sleeve part.  The front attaches to that flattering front yoke curve at these pain the the rear corners.  After it was finished, this was the best part of the pattern.  While sewing, for sure the worst.  I changed the construction to avoid hand stitching the sleeves at the bottom. I sewed the sleeves hem right sides together & then the side seams of the sleeves.  This meant I couldn’t easily do the neckline in one continuous line.  This still seems better than handstitching the bottoms together (lining and fabric).  Next time I’m going to do the neck line first, the the bottom of the sleeves (still flat) pulled through the open bottom yoke, then the underarm seams and then I’m going to proclaim myself a hero.        

Here is the token crappy cell phone self portrait into a cruddy mirror.  Its becoming a nightsew signature style.  Love. IMAG0760


  1. The skirt is a winner in my book. What size did you make? I might like you to send it my way.


  2. Kathy--I'm happy to send it on to somebody that appreciates it more than I do.

  3. I think this skirt is definitely a winner. Just love it.


  4. I think your skirt is nicely constructed and I love your top too! However, I know what it means if you don't like something, you won't wear it! I have this top patter and never made it. I think it's time to give it a try! Thanks for the review!

  5. You make me laugh! That skirt looks great - even if you hate it! lol!! The shirt is SO cute!! I think I would like to make one too!! Way to go!