Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Wardrobe for Tulip-Lu

I went to the garage last week to get clothes out for Lu, then came strait back inside and looked through my blog from 2007-2008 to figure out what Bird even wore because there was so little in that size saved.   It was determined that Bird wore pants (gasp!  will never happen for Lu) and pajamas.  Consequently, we are in full-blown make cool weather clothes for LuLu.  I made this for her yesterday.  She LOVES it.  Bird also loves it so I think I’ll be getting some more of this teal corduroy and making another in a bigger size/older style.  The pattern is Ottobre, Winter 2008, Style #6 “Dolly”.  I made a size 86 width, 92 length.  It fits really well.  I shortened the sleeves to 3/4 and added a binding instead of elastic because it suits the 3/4 style better I think.  I also omitted some topstitching.  The bird is also from Ottobre but another issue.  I hand appliqued and hand embroidered it.  The eye and the head flounce are satin stitched.   The materials for the bird were scrounged up around the house.  Lu picked the pinkish-purplish buttons out the other day as a treat for going to JoAnns with me last week.  She has been carrying them around in little fistfuls.  She was so pleased to find some of them on her dress this morning.  My sister Nicole gave me the awesome orange buttons.  For several years she would send me darling packages of buttons from a button store in Portland for special days.  The quality of the buttons she has sent can’t compare to others I’ve obtained here and there.  She also has come upon some lovely vintage sets.  I love buttons.  

IMG_9585 (683x1024) IMG_9586 (683x1024)

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  1. So, I stopped by your other blog... nothing. But lots here! M was howling at LuLu's scary (or fierce) faces.

    Anyways, I am so delighted to see the buttons put to such cute use. And I'm feeling jealous without a little girl to sew for... and then I remember that I have no time for anything, much less sewing.