Tuesday, October 9, 2012

KCSC Day 2

Needs to be pressed and better light.  Finished way later than I would have liked.  Going to skip tomorrow’s run for this particular nightsew.  Bird loved Lu’s peacock dress so this is a more sophisticated 7 year old version of that.  This pattern is great—Simplicity 1787.  The smallest it came in is an 8 which is a little bigger than I would have liked.  However, it looks cute even big and will likely fit next winter too.  Win, win.  Bird LOVES pockets and these ones are big and easy to use.  The sleeveless version of this would make a great jumper for their school uniform if she didn’t already have a lot of dresses/jumpers.  Next year maybe.

IMG_9622 (853x1280)Good News!  Lu loves dress number one.  Just because I make something doesn’t mean she will wear it.  There are several things she has only worn once (begrudgingly) because she doesn’t much care for them.  Ryan saw this last night and declared that there wasn’t a chance LuLu would wear it—no pink or purple, no bird with a button tail or other cute creature, and not a costume.  He had a serious point, so I was delighted when she woke up happy she had a new dress and even liked it. IMG_9620 (853x1280)


  1. CUTE cute CUTE!!! I love that peacock!! And YEA for Lu loving her new dress!

  2. again - wow - this is incredible. i saw it in the most recent post and was wondering - is that handmade? it looks so complicated. it's perfect. perfect! in addition to the super cute peacock, which is amazing, i really love the style of this dress. love everything about it. nice job.