Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Halloween (almost)

Today was the first of our Halloween parties. Naturally, I was frantically sewing/crafting the last minute accessories for Queen Elinor.  Bird loves her costume.  I didn’t hate it.  I think the resemblance is good and if you knew who Queen Elinor was you would potentially recognize Bird.  (Did you pay attention for the 10 minutes she wasn’t a bear in a movie you maybe saw once?)  

I wish the green of the overdress was less Kermit. 

I’ve been wishing that I had put a seam down the top of the sleeves to help me shape them better.  By the time I realized the limitations of the sleeves they were cut out and I was not going to buy more kermit fabric. 

So far there isn’t a pattern out there for Queen Elinor—limited demand I’m sure.  I made this with some dramatic drafting modifications to McCalls 5499.  I made an unlined underdress and then a lined overdress because that was the easiest way I could wrap my brain around what needed to happen with that queen’s sleeves that didn’t require me rolling any hems on those extreme convex curves. 

My darling girlfriend drew and cut out the pellon-super-stiff-and-expensive-stuff for a crown.  We had worked on a crown last week when I was helping mostly chatting with her while she worked on her own amazing costumes.  She made a Max of The Wild Things, Goldilocks, and Olivia the pig.  I need to see if I can post her costumes here because they should be shown.  Anyways, it was nice because I was running behind and I could just come home and cover that crown with gold taffeta without thinking.  I was busy with spray paint.  Making my chains and my gem’s setting gold.  (Yup, there you have it.  I sprayed my accessories gold.  Quality.)  I did find time to freehand some scrolling on my crown.  It was my favorite part of the whole construction and the first time I’ve utilized my new machines free motion embroidery features.  It was so fun and I’m trying to think of other things I can do. 

These aren’t the best pictures.  I’m hoping to find time tomorrow for some that are better.  There you are folks.  Happy Halloween. 

IMG_9843 IMG_9856 (852x1280) IMG_9857 (853x1280) IMG_9865 (853x1280) IMG_9867 (853x1280)IMG_9870 (853x1280) Lulu didn’t want to wear her dress today.  She really preferred Belle.  She did love getting candy so I called it her candy dress with hopes that she will put it on again.   It was pretty cold, even with her velveteen hood.  Fingers crossed that Halloween is warmer.IMG_9849 (853x1280)


  1. You really made the magic happen! Costumes (and kiddos) are gorgeous! I'd love to see your friend's costumes too.

  2. My goodness... you amaze me!! That dress looks incredible!!! Well done, my friend!