Sunday, October 14, 2012

No dress yesterday?!

Yeah, yeah.  I noticed too.  After 5 in a row, Day 6 was too much to overcome.  Instead I went to the movies with my family and put things away after cutting it out (which nearly took an hour dear KCSC particulars, because I was that unfocused).  I’m going to finish the 6th dress tonight I hope and then move onto one more nightingale tunic for Bird and costume(s).  Twins still mulling around in their mind what they are going to be.  I pushed hard for all the things I wanted to sew… Mary Poppins/Bert in their best and Peter Pan/Wendy/Tink were part of my campaign.  First graders don’t want to be those things.  They want to be the same thing as their friends, I guess.  I may buy a costume (gasp). 

 IMG_9670 (853x1280) 

I also did laundry yesterday which is usually a dreary task.  Okay, it was mostly still dreary but there were some marginal points when tiny new dresses came out of the laundry.  The bird dresses were clean today together for the first time so Lu and Bird wore them to church.  The biggish 8 shrunk into a perfect 7. 

IMG_9668 (853x1280)

All in all, KCSC was so much fun.  I’m already making plans for the spring edition.  The organization of completing this much sewing in this amount of time is tricky.  Drafting a solid plan and making sure the materials are ready really makes a difference.  I felt prepared starting this but so many things could be better.  I need to have notions and contrasting fabrics and the like purchased before the week starts.  Making a trip to JoAnns in October really held up some of my projects. 

IMG_9684 (853x1280)

I loved making so many play outfits.  I always mean to make a good chunk of their wardrobes but it gets tricky because I never start early enough before the season starts to be ready.  Then I feel like if I add something halfway through the cool season it won’t get enough wear or is redundant because I already had to go out and buy ready-to-wear items.

IMG_9687 (853x1280)

I loved the momentum of KCSC.  And seeing everybody’s beautiful things.  Next time I want to add more variety. 

IMG_9707 (853x1280)Ryan and the kids maybe didn’t love KCSC as much.  I used it as an excuse to neglect other things… like dinner.  Expect things to return to normal.  Dinner, exercise, cleaning, way less blogging.IMG_9709 (853x1280) And join me again next year.  (And watch out for that last dress.)IMG_9730 (854x1280)


  1. I've enjoyed watching your creations this week! Thanks for sharing with us:)

  2. I have enjoyed your sewing too!! I love those peacock dresses!! Can't wait to see the last one!

  3. Your girls are beautiful and the dresses are adorable!!!

  4. Those are crazy adorable. Seriously.