Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Real Pictures

I made Bird try on the dress and model for me.  It is always nice when you get real pictures of things.  On people not hangers at 1 in the morning.  However, these days my 7 year old real pictures are feeling more and more contrived. 

IMG_9876 (853x1280) IMG_9880 (853x1280)Silly play shows the dress better though I’m not quick enough with my camera to catch up.  I’m trying to dive into knits a little this week after being inspired by KCSC—a lot of cute knits out there.  In addition to my cream dress (knit success#1), I made two pairs of leggings in navy for school (knit success #2), one of which she is wearing.  They turned out cute and I’m finding knit to be real forgiving to work with.  Bird loves the leggings because she says they are cozier than the ones from the store.   I think the drape of the single jersey makes them feel luxurious though they may not be the hardiest pairs.  IMG_9887 (853x1280)   IMG_9889 (853x1280) IMG_9891 (853x1280)Also.  I feel badly with all the dismal and downright disastrous weather across the country to bring attention to ours.  But really, can you believe this Halloween week?  Could potentially be the warmest Halloween in recorded history and we are enjoying it.IMG_9892 (853x1280) IMG_9896 (853x1280)

Happy Halloween!

News to look forward to:  Have you seen all the Farmer’s Wife Quilts making their way around the internet.  I’m starting one and hope to finish it sometime in 2013 (at my quilting rate this timeframe is ambitious).  I also have a hand-pieced hexagon project I’ve been working on here and there that I need to share.  It looks promising that I’ll be done with that one by the time I’m 2013.   

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  1. Darling dress and leggings!! She is adorable!!

    Awesome Halloween group!!! They all look spectacular!

    Yea for Farmer's Wife quilt!! That is such an awesome quilt to do! Good luck! Post ALL of your progress! :)