Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Preview

Lu is being Little Red Riding Hood.  (My choice.)  Bird is being the supporting character in Brave that gets turned into a bear for most of the movie, Queen Elinor. (Not my choice.)  Lu’s costume has been fun to sew.  Birds costume, not so much. 
This is what Queen Elinor looks like.  I pretty much hate this dress right now and my rendition of it.  It has been a costly and messy sew with a lot of wonky parts.  It isn’t done because Bird chose what she wanted to be on Saturday.  I’ll post pictures soon though.  1000px-IPadElinor
Onto the happy half.  This is what 8 yards of tulle looks like on a size one.  The pattern is 2571 Simplicity.  I made some changes in my fabric choices, the construction, and of course the addition of the tulle.  I also made the apron (modified to be shorter) from Simplicity 2571.  IMG_9822 (1280x852)I added the lace to the bodice and the apron with a pinstitching technique.  Janice Ferguson has a set of really helpful posts for this technique here and here.  I was really pleased with how it turned out.  The white is a batiste, the black is cotton velveteen.  The lace isn’t anything special, just happened to have it stashed.  IMG_9823 (853x1280)The cape from Simplicity 2571 seemed too big for such a little person.  I wanted a whimsical cape, not a cloak.  Ottobre Issue Winter 2008 had a darling cape with a pointed top and a clean cut jacket.  I made this out of red velveteen with red satin lining it.  This pattern is amazing.  It is so quick—only 2 pieces to cut out and sew together—yet so satisfying.  IMG_9826 (853x1280)
Ooohh, I forgot.  And bloomers for underneath.  Also from Simplicity 2571 in the white batiste utilizing the pinstitching technique for detail. 
IMG_9830 (1280x853)
Watch for modeled pictures soon.  Friday maybe?
Bro wanted to be batman.  And he wanted to buy it.  Gasp! I know.  I'm trying to think of it as a pleasant way to save a little time and money.


  1. Amazing! Can't wait to see it in action on your little one.

  2. **jaw drops to the floor** I would like you to make one for ME!!!! SO cute!! I am sure Queen Whatever-her-name-is will turn out wonderfully too! Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures!!

  3. I love how you're like - I modified this, and then this, and then this, and added this from here... lol.
    SO like you.
    They all turned out GORGEOUS, and your hair got long again!!!
    I'm about a breath away from getting a modified pixie cut, lol.
    But I"m sure I'm too chicken.
    I'm jealous of your sewing machine. I'm having a terrible time with anything light weight and it's making me CRAZY and not want to sew :(
    I think I'm going to do some black velvet dresses for Emma and her two girl cousins this Christmas. Maybe...