Friday, October 12, 2012

KCSC Day 5

Pleased with the result today.  Darling tunic from Ottobre, Issue Autumn 2009, style #16 “Nightingale”.  I love the details of this pattern.

IMG_9652 (853x1280)I picked up this apple cord in Portland years ago when I was visiting my sister.  I meant to make a first day of preschool dress for Bird… four years ago.  It was nice to make something out of it finally. The green contrast has a light pink dot.   

This isn’t my cleanest sew.  I made some errors cutting out and also in placing my zipper.  I cut the back section on the fold so I omitted the sewing allowance in the back.  Bummer.  Then I forgot that the top neck had binding around it so it didn’t have an allowance when I placed my zipper so I placed it a half inch too low.  And one of my sleeves isn’t set in as smoothly as I would like—no puckers, but definitely pulling a bit at the cap seam. 

 IMG_9657 (853x1280)I think it will be a little big for Lu this Fall but she can wear it for a while.  The smallest size it came was 92 and really, she’s closer to an 86.

IMG_9629 (853x1280) IMG_9633 (1280x853)

Lu is really into spooky right now.  Those are her spooky expressions.

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  1. WOW. this is a m a z i n g. i couldn't believe this was handmade. it is gorgeous!